3 Major Ways Pollen Can Get In Your El Paso, Texas Home

El Paso, Texas, has a heavy pollen season, and if you or your children have sensitive lungs, keeping that pollen out of your home can make a huge difference in your family’s health and comfort. Here are the three most common entry points for allergens to get into your home and some preventive measures to keep them out.


Pollen is airborne for the most part so when you walk around outside, you’ll naturally pick some up on your clothing. When you come inside afterward, it’s transferred to your home. Both your upholstery and the air in your home may also now carry particles that were brought inside on clothing. The best solution to this problem is to change clothes when you get home.


Gaps in your home’s insulation can let in drafts of air. Besides affecting your home’s temperature and making it more difficult for your HVAC to cool your home, these drafts can carry in pollen from the outdoors. Typically, the air is cycled through a filter before being introduced into your home which keeps the levels low, but these drafts undo all that filtering. Be sure to have your home insulation checked regularly to keep out irritants that could make your child sick.


Our furry friends also carry pollen inside. Cats and dogs often carry it into the house in their fur, especially if they roll around outside in the grass. Like human hair, pet fur holds on to pollen very well, meaning your four-legged friend can easily bring in a ton of it in the home. Keep cats indoors during allergy season, and make sure to give your dog a good brushing before it comes inside to keep pollen out of your home.

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