It can be hard to distinguish between an HVAC problem and quirky HVAC operation. While it’s always good to get potential HVAC issues checked by a professional as soon as possible, there are three common problems that you should never ignore in your Socorro, TX home.

1. You Hear Frightful HVAC Noises

If your system is making loud and disturbing noises out of the blue, it usually becomes a bigger problem. A rattling generally means that a part has come loose and is knocking around somewhere in the system, whereas squeals and shrieks typically indicate a bad belt. Scraping that sounds like metal against metal can mean that part of the blower system is coming loose.

2. You Feel Sick When You’re at Home

If you feel sick at home for no apparent reason, your indoor air may be polluted. Flu-like symptoms including dizziness, nausea, headaches, fatigue, breathing difficulties, sinus congestion and coughing can all be caused by polluted indoor air. Have your indoor air quality checked by an HVAC professional, especially if you have a furnace. It could be a carbon monoxide leak.

3. You Notice Puddles Around Your Furnace or Air Conditioner

Puddles usually mean a clogged condensate drain line. Moisture that should be draining outside is backing up and leaking into your home. Sometimes moisture can cause leaks in your ceiling or drywall, and if the leak is near any wiring, it could cause an electrical fire. Puddles around your AC could also mean a refrigerant leak that could pose a severe health hazard.

Call for HVAC repair if any problems develop. The sooner the problem gets fixed, the less damage it can cause. Ignoring HVAC problems can cause so much damage to your system that you’ll be looking at HVAC replacement instead of HVAC repair. For help with system troubleshooting in El Paso, Texas, call Kings Aire today!

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