5 Reasons That Your Air Conditioner Is Freezing Up

When the air conditioner in your El Paso, Texas, home freezes up, you can quickly find yourself in a bind. To get your system up and running again, you need to know the root of the issue. Here are the following reasons why your air conditioner is freezing up and steps you can take to remedy the issue.

Your Air Conditioner Is Low on Refrigerant

When the refrigerant levels are low, your evaporator coil can get cold and freeze up. Low refrigerant levels can be due to a leak or not being originally charged correctly.

Your AC Air Filter Needs to Be Changed

You should change your air filter every three months. A dirty filter makes your system work harder than it should. When it gets clogged, the airflow can get backed up and fail to sufficiently maintain the evaporator coil, which will then freeze up.

Your Supply Registers Are Closed

Many people shut their supply registers to save money when they’re not in a room. Unfortunately, this can result in costing more because your coil can freeze up when the airflow backs up and can result in costly repairs.

Low Fan Speed

If your fan doesn’t blow fast enough, it can’t maintain sufficient airflow over the evaporator coil. A qualified technician can get the fan up to speed, which should restore the function of your HVAC unit and keep it from freezing up.

Bad Thermostat

If your thermostat is set wrong, your air conditioner might be running when you don’t want it to. This not only causes your system to freeze up, but it can also waste money on your utility bills.

If your air conditioner is freezing up, Kings Aire can help. Check out our residential air conditioning services and call us at (915) 592-2997 for help today.

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