Some homeowners forget about the heating requirements for their attic. Sometimes it is hard to notice poor insulation in your El Paso, TX attic. Here are five ways different ways you can tell if your attic needs more insulation.

1. Water Leaks

Poor insulation in the attic lets water in your home and causes water damage. The presence of water encourages the growth of biological contaminants, which negatively impacts your indoor air quality.

2. Ice Dams

Ice formation in the attic may be a sign of poor insulation. They usually happen when a block of ice forms on the edge of the roof, preventing the drainage of water from the roof. Ice dams can crunch gutters, rip off shingles and drop the edges of your roof if left untreated.

3. High Energy Bills

Lack of insulation in the attic causes the air conditioner to strain while heating or cooling your home. This results in higher energy bills and increases the wear and tear on your system. This may also decrease the life span of your system.

4. Frozen Pipes

If you notice frozen pipes in your walls, you may have insulation problems in your attic. Frozen pipes can burst and cause a lot of damage to the walls, floors and the ceiling in your home.

5. Cold and Hot Spots

If you notice some rooms in your home are colder or warmer than others, then you may have an insulation issue. Heat or cold air escapes through the attic, causing cold and hot spots in your home. Uneven distribution of heat may cause discomfort in your home.

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