Controlling Humidity This Summer in Your El Paso, TX, Home

High humidity levels decrease the comfort of your home. HVAC experts recommend an indoor humidity level between 30% and 50%. This guide will give you tips on how you can control humidity levels in your El Paso, TX, home.

Have Your AC Run Optimally

Your air conditioner naturally decreases humidity levels in your living space. AC units work by removing hot, humid air and replacing it with cooler air through the vents. You can increase the amount of humidity your HVAC unit removes from your living space by ensuring it runs smoothly and optimally throughout the year.

A sure way of controlling humidity levels is scheduling regular HVAC maintenance with a certified technician. Anything that causes your AC to stop working affects the humidity levels in your home.

Take Cool Showers and Use an Exhaust Fan

Showering and cooking are the biggest causes of high humidity levels experienced by most homeowners. As much as you may find a warm shower comforting, it does no good for your home’s humidity levels. Decrease the steam released to the air by reducing your showers’ temperature by a few degrees.

When showering or cooking, ensure that all humidity generated is removed from the air by running your ventilation fans. This is one of the most effective ways of eliminating humid air from cooking on your stove top or using your oven.

Buy a Dehumidifier

Getting a dehumidifier is the most surefire way of reducing high levels of humidity. A dehumidifier removes any moisture from the air as it passes through the device. The air released from the device is dry and cool.

Dehumidifiers help your AC keep the humidity low and thus reduce the work it has to put in to reach the temperature and humidity level you prefer. So you can use dehumidifiers to reduce the cost of energy consumption by the HVAC unit.

Call us at Kings Aire for quality HVAC installation and repairs in El Paso, TX. Our certified HVAC technicians will deliver satisfactory and timely services to keep you comfortable at home.

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