Is Zoning the Right Choice for Your El Paso, Texas Home?

If widely varying temperatures in different rooms of your house are reducing your indoor comfort, then you might consider zoning your HVAC system. Zoning the HVAC system in your new or existing home can improve comfort and save money. Use this guide to find out whether zoning is right for your El Paso, Texas, home.

What Is Zoning?

Traditional central heating and air units service the whole house, heating or cooling every room to the same temperature when in operation. Retrofit zoning of a home involves adding sensors, thermostats, vents, dampers, and controls to your existing HVAC system to manage the conditions in two or more zones. Zoning maximizes efficiency and customizes the temperature in different rooms depending on the time of day and their use.

Homes That Benefit Most

Any home can benefit significantly from a zoned HVAC design. You can save up to 30 percent on your heating and cooling costs with a zoned system. If your home has high ceilings, multiple stories, large window exposure, lofts, or attics, zoning can greatly reduce your power bills.

New Construction vs. Retrofit

Zoning is cheaper to install in a new home than in an existing one. With new construction, HVAC technicians can optimize zoning designs from the outset for maximum efficiency and need. Retrofit zoning requires more add-on components but still helps improve comfort and save money.

Initial Consultation

If you’re considering zoning, have an HVAC professional determine your home’s existing conditions for a retrofit or optimum design requirements for new construction. With this data, he or she can develop the best plan for maximizing both performance and efficiency.

Zoning your home is practical, improves comfort, and saves money. If you are ready to consider zoning your existing home or you require a custom design for new construction, give Kings Aire a call at (915) 592-2997. Since 1980, we’ve brought outstanding service to the region, and we stand ready to serve you.

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