Taking care of a commercial building is a lot of work. In El Paso, Texas, the temperature fluctuations make a commercial HVAC system a necessity for any commercial facility. It’s important to schedule regular commercial HVAC maintenance. Taking care of your commercial HVAC system can help prolong its life span and maintain a more comfortable indoor atmosphere.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Your system requires regular tune-ups, which should only be performed by an experienced HVAC technician. Our technicians work with many commercial facility owners and managers, so we know how to take care of these high-volume systems and keep them running efficiently. During an annual maintenance service, your system will be lightly cleaned and tested for proper airflow, as well as its cooling or heating capabilities.

We’ll also check all the components to make sure they’re functioning correctly and nothing needs to be repaired or replaced. Part of a professional tune-up also includes inspecting the drain lines to ensure proper drainage. If one of these lines is clogged, the moisture could lead to more serious issues such as biological growth and damage to your structure.

Perform DIY Maintenance

You can also take care of a few maintenance tasks on your own. A clean air filter is essential to maintaining efficiency and clean indoor air. If you don’t change it often enough, your system will wear out sooner, requiring more expensive repairs and services.

You can also do some light cleaning on your own, which includes removing any dirt and debris that accumulates in the housing of the outdoor unit. Perform a periodic check on the vents and registers located throughout your home to make sure they’re not blocked by furniture, boxes, or any other items that could interfere with airflow.

At Kings Aire, we can take care of your commercial HVAC system and keep it running efficiently. Contact us at (915) 308-8960 to schedule a maintenance service appointment today.

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