Hearing strange sounds coming from your Horizon City, Texas, air conditioner? Take a look at what strange air conditioner noises can mean and what to do in each situation.


A high-pitched squealing sound can catch anyone off guard. However, this sound usually indicates that the belt connecting the blower to the motor has slipped out of place or the bearings on the condenser fan motor are wearing out. Newer air conditioning units generally don’t use belts, but if your system is older, the belt could be to blame. In a modern AC unit, this sound can usually be resolved by replacing the motor, which should only be done by a skilled HVAC technician.


If you hear a clanking sound coming from your vents, your system likely has a part that is loose or out of balance. It could even mean the compressor has slipped out of place, which may require a replacement service. In this case, it’s best to contact an HVAC professional to look into what is causing the sound and determine the best way to repair it.


A rattling sound may mean that your ducts have something stuck in them, such as a piece of debris or even a toy a child has pushed into the vent. During a tune-up, your HVAC technician can determine whether anything is trapped in the ducts and causing the sound. If that’s not the issue, a rattling noise can also mean that the fan has come loose or one of the casing’s bolts or screws is out of place.

Vibrating or Humming

Hearing a humming noise often indicates that a part within the AC system is vibrating against another component. If the humming noise accompanies a system that won’t cycle on, the compressor may have a motor-related issue.

Although air conditioners do make some noise when they operate, certain sounds are cause for concern. Contact us at Kings Aire by calling (915) 308-8960 if you hear one of these air conditioner noises in your home.

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