Top 4 Tips When Using Your Air Conditioner This Spring

As the temperature heats up in El Paso, Texas, you’ll want to make sure you’re maximizing your air conditioner’s effectiveness throughout the spring season. From setting the thermostat to improving indoor air quality, try these four helpful tips for using your air conditioner this spring.

Make the Most of Air Quality Add-Ons

Your air conditioner can do more than merely cool your home. If you’re constantly dealing with humid, stale, or dusty air, indoor air quality components can help. We can expertly assess what’s compromising air quality in your home and recommend a solution that’s designed to keep your family comfortable and help your air conditioner run better.

Take Care When Setting the Thermostat

Rather than turning your home into an ice-cold oasis this spring, try setting the thermostat as high as possible. We recommend setting the thermostat to 78 during the day and about 8 degrees higher overnight. This strategy will help you save energy without compromising comfort.

Boost Your Home’s Ventilation

Adding an energy-recovery ventilation system to your air conditioner can do wonders for eliminating stale air in your home. If you’re looking for a simpler solution, however, ceiling fans can help. We recommend turning them on for added cooling only while you’re in the room. Fans can create a subtle wind-chill effect, letting you turn the thermostat up a few degrees while still feeling nice and cool.

Limit Unnecessary Heat Sources

It’s easy to forget how much heat your lights and appliances can create. To prevent them from overheating your home, try investing in efficient lighting or turn lamps off during the day. You can also wait until the evening to run the dishwasher or to wash and dry clothes to prevent unnecessary heat and humidity buildup.

Whether you’re browsing for air quality components or you need an HVAC repair team you can trust, Kings Aire is at your service. Call us at (915) 592-2997 for all your air conditioning needs this spring and summer.

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