It doesn’t take much effort to maintain your furnace in Butterfield, TX, but it’s important to regularly change your furnace filters. If you neglect this basic maintenance practice, then you could end up with dirty air, high energy bills and other problems. For your convenience, we’ve made a list of the top three signs that it’s time to change your furnace filter.

1. Your Filters Are Turning Black

You should check your furnace filters regularly to look for any changes in color. If your filters start turning black or brown, then they’re probably getting filled with dirt and potential allergens. If you let your filters go for too long, all that grime will definitely start affecting your indoor air quality.

2. Allergies Start Flaring Up

If you notice that you or your family members start having unexplained allergic reactions while they’re home, then you’ll want to take a quick look at your furnace filters. The longer it’s been since the last time you had a fresh set of filters put in, the more likely it is that allergens are leaking into the air. Along with sneezing, light fevers and coughing, headaches are another common sign of dirty air.

3. Your Energy Bills Are More Expensive

A furnace with dirty filters has to work all that much harder to keep your home warm. This decreased efficiency often leads to increased heating bills. If your bill has jumped by over 15% in recent months, then it’s probably time to invest a few dollars into a fresh set of filters.

Replacing your furnace filter regularly is one of the most cost-effective ways to keep your HVAC system running smoothly. To schedule a quick HVAC service check with one of our trusted technicians, contact Kings Aire today. We will take good care of your furnace.

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