Why Does My Canutillo, TX, Furnace Smell Like Heating Oil?

If you have an oil-fueled furnace, you might occasionally smell heating oil when you turn it on. Normally, this smell will quickly dissipate and does not pose a danger; however, if the oil smell lingers or occurs frequently, it might signal a serious problem with your furnace. Read on to learn why your furnace smells like heating oil in your Canutillo, TX home.

Easy-to-Solve Oil Odor Problems

If you recently had a heating oil delivery, you might notice a smell when you use your furnace, especially if some oil spilled during the delivery. You may smell oil when you turn your furnace on for the first time during the season. In both these cases, the smell will quickly go away and is not an emergency.

A Clog in Your Chimney

If there is a clog in your furnace chimney, hot smoke may come out of your oil furnace. This may produce a heating oil smell. You should schedule service with a technician to clean your chimney. A dangerous situation could result if carbon monoxide leaks into your home.

Cracked Heat Exchanger

A crack in your oil furnace’s heat exchanger can cause an oil smell. Your repair technician may recommend replacing your furnace if this happens.

Delayed Ignition

If the oil passing through your system fails to ignite, the delay will create a dense fog. When this fog does ignite, it creates a large, hazardous flame with excessive smoke. To prevent a dangerous situation, turn off your system and call for service if it smells like oil and is unlit.

Don’t Risk Your Family’s Safety

If you notice a strong heating oil smell, don’t take chances with your family’s safety and comfort. Turn off your system until a professional HVAC contractor can inspect it. In Canutillo, TX, contact Kings Aire to schedule repairs for your oil furnace.

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