Your air conditioner is frequently in use to maintain a cool and comfortable environment during the hot months of the year in El Paso, TX. Because of its parts and mechanisms, it can begin to develop a few unusual noises, which can be due to a variety of issues. Here are a few main causes of different types of air conditioner noises to be aware of when maintaining the cooling system on your property.

Rattling Noises

Rattling noises often come from deep inside the system and can be disruptive to your environment. You’ll need to perform a visual inspection to determine if there are any twigs or debris trapped in the parts. Loose air ducts can also cause some of the parts to rattle.

Grinding Noises

AC systems can develop grinding noises when the system turns on, which indicates that issues are present with the blower motor bearings due to a lack of proper AC maintenance. The blower motor bearings are responsible for moving cool air into the building. The parts may need lubrication to silence the annoying sounds.

Clicking Sounds

Although clicking sounds are normal when the air conditioner starts or stops, they shouldn’t continue while the appliance is operating. The noise may be due to problems with the controls and thermostats. Consider hiring a professional technician to inspect and diagnose the issue and replace the necessary parts to ensure the AC continues to operate quietly.

Our team is here to help if there are different noises you’re trying to diagnose as your air conditioner is in use throughout the year. Contact us at Kings Aire at your convenience to schedule an appointment so we can diagnose the problem and perform the necessary AC repairs to keep you comfortable throughout the year in El Paso, TX.

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