5 Signs Your Home is Under Insulated in Canutillo, TX

Being a first-time homeowner can be both amazing and frustrating. Purchasing an older home, in particular, is likely to involve putting some work in to fix problems, like the home not having enough insulation. In order to help you determine if insulation problems are plaguing you, we’ve compiled a list of five signs your home doesn’t have enough insulation in Canutillo, TX.

1. Wild Temperature Fluctuations

Each room in your home should have a similar temperature. Some rooms being too hot while others are chilly is a sign that some areas of your home are more insulated than others, meaning that heat is better retained in the insulated rooms.

2. High Energy Bills

Poor insulation means your HVAC system has to work around the clock to keep your home comfortable. This is especially problematic during the hot months of summer when your air conditioner runs in overtime to try and combat humidity.

3. Drafts and Cold Spots

If you feel cool air drifting through a room that has no open doors or windows, you’d probably benefit from additional home insulation. Wind can easily penetrate through walls that don’t have insulation, leading to drafts inside.

4. Pipes That Freeze

Being in Texas, frozen pipes aren’t a huge concern, but if you notice that your pipes freeze every winter, your home lacks insulation. Lack of insulation makes the inside of your walls cold, leading to frozen or burst pipes that are a struggle to repair.

5. Problems with Pests

Gaps in doors and windows can be large enough to let rodents and bugs into your home. Insulating these areas can keep your home pest-free and save you money on energy costs.

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