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1. Did you receive a courtesy call from our installers when they were on the way?
2. Did the installers lay down drop cloths?
3. Did the installers provide operating manuals?
4. Did the installers address all of your concerns and answer all of your questions?

Please rate your experience with each of the following attributes:

Installers were professional and clean?
Installers gave homeowner a thorough demonstration on how to operate the thermostat?

Comfort Specialists (Sales) / Service Technician:

1. Did the Comfort Specialist/Service Tech roll out the Blue Carpet?
2. Did the Comfort Specialist/Service Tech place booties over their shoes while inside your home?
3. Comfort Specialist/Service Tech personally engaged with me?
4. Comfort Specialist/Service Tech proposed a unit that fits my home’s needs?
5. Prompt installation service from the time the proposal was signed to the time the unit was installed?
6. Unit is currently operating?
8. To your knowledge, was the equipment registered with the manufacturer?
7. Did you receive a courtesy call from the Comfort Specialist/Service Tech after the unit was installed?