3 Common Signs You Have an Inefficient AC in El Paso, TX

With summertime temperatures soaring in El Paso, TX, your air conditioner must keep your home cool and comfortable. However, just because the temperatures outside are rising, your utility bills don’t have to follow suit. If you notice any of these warning signs, you have an inefficient AC.

A Rise in Utility Bills

A major increase in your utility bills during summer is the most obvious sign of an inefficient AC. While a slight variance in your electric bill is normal during the hottest part of the year, the increase should be minimal. Numbers never lie, so if your utility bills increase significantly during summer, your air conditioner is working too hard to cool your home.

Hotspots in Your Home

When you set your desired temperature on your thermostat, that should be the temperature in every room of your home. If you notice that certain areas are hotter than others, it means that your air conditioner is not working efficiently. When certain spots are hotter than others, your AC will overcompensate to cool every area, leading to a decrease in efficiency.

Dirty Air Filters

While we never encourage our customers to perform any type of air conditioner repairs, changing air filters is one maintenance task that you can tackle on your own. If your air filters have too much dirt and debris in them, your air conditioner can’t operate efficiently. The system will work harder to push air through the dirty filters, leading to decreased home comfort and an increase in your monthly bills.

You should never have to exchange comfort for energy efficiency. Being able to find cool, refreshing air in your home without breaking the bank is a must during summertime in El Paso. If you think your AC is inefficient, call Kings Aire to schedule your needed repairs and learn more about the rest of our HVAC services.

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