Do I Need a New Thermostat For My Canutillo, TX, Home?

Your thermostat controls your HVAC system, and sometimes when there’s an issue with your HVAC system, it’s easy to forget that sometimes the issue is with the thermostat instead. Here are five signs you need a new thermostat for your Canutillo, TX, home.

Higher Energy Bills

While higher energy bills result from hotter or colder than normal weather, sometimes the thermostat keeps the HVAC system on longer when it’s not needed. This is one sign you may need another thermostat if it keeps your HVAC working when you don’t need it.

Your Home Is An Uncomfortable Temperature

When you set your thermostat, you expect your HVAC system to provide your desired temperature. A faulty thermostat won’t keep a comfortable temperature within your home.

HVAC System Won’t Run Or Won’t Stop Running

An HVAC system that won’t turn on when you need it is a serious issue. You may not notice that your HVAC system isn’t shutting off on a hot day, but once your HVAC system has reached your desired temperature or passed it, there’s something wrong with the thermostat.

Inaccurate Display

A thermostat should display the temperature of your home and the temperature outside. If your thermostat displays the wrong temperature or is missing the information it normally displays, this is an indication it needs replacing or just needs maintenance.

Outdated Thermostat

The average thermostat only lasts 10 to 15 years, and after that, they start malfunctioning and lose their energy efficiency. Check the model of your thermostat to determine its age before looking for a new one. Smart thermostats aren’t only highly efficient, but you can pair them with other devices, such as those for indoor air quality.

Don’t let your malfunctioning thermostat cause you any headaches this spring. Contact Kings Aire today to experience the wonders a new smart thermostat has to offer with your air conditioner.

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