HVAC Maintenance Plan vs. Home Warranty: How to Choose

Your HVAC system keeps your family comfortable throughout the year. Protect it from unexpected breakdowns by signing up for a maintenance plan or a home warranty plan. Read on to learn the pros and cons of these plans for your Canutillo, TX, home.

What Is a Home Warranty?

A home warranty plan works to protect you from paying the full amount for your repairs, maintenance, or replacement of your home’s HVAC or other equipment. Therefore, the home warranty covers everything you own in the house, including the HVAC unit.

With a warranty plan, your company will require that you pay a specified amount of money monthly. However, you might need to pay an additional monthly fee if you want extensive coverage of your household items. Depending on the plan, the company issuing the home warranty may require that you pay an extra fee each time they provide maintenance, replacement, or repair services.

Although a home warranty plan has a few disadvantages, it offers several advantages. The home warranty will increase the value of your property at the time of sale, and it works best if your property is more than four years old. The major disadvantage with a home warranty plan is that it will not provide extensive coverage for your HVAC unit.

What Is an HVAC Maintenance Plan?

HVAC systems are expensive, and you need to establish a regular maintenance plan to ensure your system gives you the required services for the longest time. To ensure that you don’t miss your monthly HVAC maintenance visits, you’ll need to talk to your local HVAC specialist, who will give you a detailed maintenance plan for a small fee. With this plan, your HVAC specialist will visit your home during prearranged times to perform maintenance processes on your heating and cooling systems.

Advantages of an HVAC Maintenance Plan

HVAC maintenance often includes an annual tune-up by your HVAC technicians. You can also get a discount on emergency visits. Also, during an emergency, your HVAC provider may give priority to your needs and will be at your doorstep upon request.

An HVAC service agreement states that it will retain up to 90% of your HVAC system’s original energy efficiency, which promises lower monthly utility bills. They’ll also advise you on your unit’s lifespan, giving you plenty of time to budget before you get costly repairs and replacement costs.

Finally, you have a guarantee of reliable services from a trusted HVAC Company. If you reside in Canutillo, TX, and you need help deciding between a home warranty and maintenance plan for your HVAC installation, repair, or replacement needs, contact Kings Aire today.

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