Importance of Adequate Ventilation in Your Home

If you live in Horizon City, TX, it’s best to stay indoors as much as possible during summer. High humidity and temperatures can make breathing hard and be dangerous for your health. Read on to learn why adequate ventilation is vital for your home and family during the hotter months of the year.

Reduces Condensation

If you live in Horizon City, TX, you know the weather can be quite hot and humid during the summer, which can result in condensation on your walls. This can be a big problem if you value your home’s interior appearance.

Condensation encourages microbial growth. This can be unsightly and dangerous for you and your family.

Proper ventilation is the best way to prevent condensation from forming on your wall. The key to ventilation is getting the right amount of fresh air into your home. It helps to push out stale or contaminated air before it has a chance to become damp.

Lowers Radon Gas Concentration

Radon is a colorless, odorless and radioactive gas found naturally in soil and rocks. It comes from decaying uranium compounds found in the Earth’s crust. Radon gas can enter your home through cracks in floors and walls, gaps around pipes or open windows.

Once inside your home, radon gas can concentrate in small spaces like basements. The higher the concentration of radon gas, the greater risk of developing lung cancer. Adequate ventilation keeps radon gas concentration below the EPA action level.

Helps Prevent Asthma

Asthma is an inflammatory condition of the airways. Infections and allergens trigger this respiratory condition. Asthma can be life-threatening or fatal.

Maintaining proper indoor air quality is important for everyone who spends time indoors. It reduces the risks of asthma and other respiratory diseases. It also eliminates allergens and contaminants that would trigger these respiratory diseases.

Improving ventilation will help control your home’s temperature, humidity and allergen levels. This will protect your family from all types of trouble caused by poor ventilation. Contact us at Kings Aire today for air conditioning and ventilation solutions for your Horizon City, TX, home.

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