4 Signs You Might Have an AC Refrigerant Leak

Summertime is when air conditioning units are in high demand in Santa Teresa, NM. Checking for AC refrigerant leaks is a vital part of making sure your system operates efficiently. Leaks can often be difficult to detect. If left untreated, they can lead to expensive repairs or even system failure. Here are a few common […]

4 Reasons to Consider Thermostat Replacement

A thermostat is an important device that influences the performance and efficiency of your HVAC system. If your HVAC system is still relying on a manual thermostat, you should consider replacing it with a programmable model. Here are four benefits of installing a thermostat replacement in your Horizon City, TX, home: Lowers Energy Costs Firstly, […]

Importance of Adequate Ventilation in Your Home

If you live in Horizon City, TX, it’s best to stay indoors as much as possible during summer. High humidity and temperatures can make breathing hard and be dangerous for your health. Read on to learn why adequate ventilation is vital for your home and family during the hotter months of the year. Reduces Condensation […]

4 Reasons to Schedule Professional Commercial HVAC Maintenance

The HVAC system in your building is a complex machine that requires regular maintenance to run smoothly. Here are some of the most important reasons you should schedule regular commercial HVAC maintenance in Canutillo, TX. Prevents Costly HVAC Repairs When you schedule routine maintenance for your air conditioning systems, you can ensure that they will […]

3 Ways a Clogged Air Filter Impacts Your AC System in El Paso, TX

The filter in your air conditioner plays a key role in keeping your indoor air clean and healthy. But did you know that a clogged air filter can affect more than just your indoor air quality? Read on to understand the negative impacts a clogged air filter has on your AC system in El Paso, […]

Should I Replace My Heat Pump in Socorro, TX?

Replacing your heat pump in Socorro, TX, may require a sizable investment, but it may set you back even further to keep pouring money into a failing system. You’ll need to consider your current system’s age, level of wear and tear and other factors before you decide whether to replace your heat pump. How Old […]

3 Types of Heat Pump Noises in El Paso, TX, and What They Mean

Chances are you’ve heard your HVAC system in El Paso, TX, make slight sounds before. But when your HVAC system starts making loud noises, it’s time to take notice and seek professional help. Here are three of the most common types of heat pump noises and what they mean in your system. Electric Humming Sound […]

Why Should I Improve My Indoor Air Quality in El Paso, TX?

Indoor air can be more contaminated than outdoor air because of various contaminants. That’s why you should enhance your indoor air quality. Improving the air quality in your El Paso, TX, house has the following advantages: Remove Allergens and Pollutants Dust, pet dander and pollen may quickly pollute your indoor air quality. Allergens settle on […]

3 Signs You May Be Experiencing Heating Problems

Have you had your heating system checked by a professional? If not, now’s the time to do so. By scheduling maintenance, you can minimize the risk of experiencing issues with your heater. Here are three heating problems that you shouldn’t ignore in your Socorro, TX, home: You Hear Frightful Heating Noises If your heater is […]

Tips for Improving Airflow in Your El Paso, TX, Home

Proper airflow in your house enhances your indoor air quality, maintains a comfortable temperature and keeps particles from accumulating in your ductwork. Learn how to increase the airflow in your El Paso, TX, home so that you can start breathing cleaner air as soon as possible. Eliminate Obstacles The position of your furnishings and the […]