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When the temperatures rise to uncomfortable levels in El Paso, and your air conditioning system breaks down, you will need an experienced local HVAC professional who has been extensively trained to work on the air conditioners that El Paso residents cannot afford to be without. You will need someone you know you can trust to get the job done promptly and get it done right.That is exactly what you will find at Kings Aire.

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Air Conditioning Repair Services Designed to Handle All the Issues You Face

Your air conditioner works extra hard on hotter days, and summer brings its share of these to our local area each year. So it is important to keep an eye on your AC system to watch for any issues that may begin developing during the cooling season.

If you have scheduled an air conditioning system tune-up before the worst of the summer heat, you will be that far ahead of the game when the mercury starts to rise. In effect, you will be starting the season with a clean slate, making it easier for your AC equipment to do its job. It is still important to watch for potential problems so you can catch them as early as possible and have them corrected before they get worse.

Signs that Air Conditioning Repairs May Be in Your Future

Here are several signs that usually indicate developing problems that could end in a system breakdown if they are not caught early enough:

  • On-and-off system cycling without sufficient cooling
  • Strange noises suddenly coming from the system
  • Warm air instead of cold air coming out of the AC vents
  • Unusually low airflow from your air conditioner
  • Visible water pooling around the air conditioning unit
  • Unpleasant odor coming from the ductwork or the unit itself
  • Uncommon difficulty cooling certain parts of your home
  • Sudden, higher-than-normal indoor temperature

Make Kings Aire Your El Paso Area Air Conditioning Repair Specialists

Each of the above issues can be a potential sign of impending air conditioner failure, especially when more than one symptom is present at the same time. If these issues persist after you check to make sure your air filter is clean, your vents are open and register not blocked, your air conditioning drain is clear and your thermostat and circuit breaker are set properly, give Kings Aire a call. We are always standing by — 24 hours a day — to get your system back up and running whenever you need us.Our service areas include El Paso, Socorro, Horizon City, and Santa Teresa.

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